We were able to welcome our new Principal, Mrs. Fournier who participated in a school wide assembly on Friday, March 25th. JDH held our ‘Imagine a School’ assembly where we celebrated our coming together with a new vision for our school. Our new vision will be taking JDH into the future with a change in culture. Within this new culture of expectations we will be demonstrating renewed respect and caring and most of all practicing all of our character traits under the  ’umbrella’ of  SAFETY. 

One of the first things we celebrated was the inauguration  of our ‘Kids in the Hall’ team of young leaders who volunteered to support all students moving through the hall carefully and respectfully. 

These Kids have received training and are now ready to go. We have been anticipating the arrival of our new t– shirts for the team and expect them to be here the second week in April. This will help to identify our hallway helpers and to ensure everyone’s success. 

We have made it very clear that this is a serious position to hold within the school and staff and administration  expect that all students will work cooperatively with the Team to ensure that our hallways are safe. 

Just a reminder for parents/guardians and students that when students are travelling in the halls they must remember to walk, keep to the right hand side, use an indoor voice, remember to be respectful when at their locker areas and to get to class on time. 

The ‘Kids in the Hall’ are taking this job seriously and so is the JDH staff. We have high expectations for all students to participate and to follow the rules when travelling in our halls. 

Let’s all remember to watch and follow the rules so that we all get to our destinations safely and respectfully!